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Kraken Charters Right to Opt-Out Notice

If you are a resident of a jurisdiction with an applicable privacy law, you have the right to opt-out of the “sale” or “sharing” of your personal information or, in some cases, the right to opt-out of the use of your personal information for targeted advertising purposes.

Some information that we disclose to third parties may constitute a “sale” or “sharing” as those terms are defined under applicable data privacy laws. For example, we may disclose information to our third-party partners that allows those third parties to market their relevant services to you. We may also share personal information with advertising networks for cross-contextual behavioral (or targeted) advertising purposes.

To opt-out of the sale or sharing of your personal information or the use of your personal information for targeted advertising purposes, submit your request to us by email at Additionally, you may remove yourself from the targeted advertising of companies within the Network Advertising Initiative by opting out or of companies participating in the Digital Advertising Alliance by opting out both by sending an email to opt out.

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